The Dreaded “c” Word

I do not think much of what I have just heard
for they have just said that awful “C” word!
How dare they talk about cancer to me
and then refer to a lumpectomy.

“How is it that the cancer word” I said,
“provokes in me so much fear and dread? ”
For this thing so harmful and malignant
on the scan looked so insignificant

They’ve got it all wrong. You just wait and see.
Both of my wife’s breasts look alright to me.
No need for surgeons to have their way.
Just leave them alone, it will go away.

Hold on a minute! What if they are right!
I would be foolish to put up a fight
and just ignore all their concern and care
pretending that it’s not really there.

Oh dreaded cancer invading my wife.
Why don’t you go and get out of our life?
You’re causing us such havoc and distress
but you’ll not spoil her beauty or loveliness

Seeking to mutilate, maim or to kill.
You’ll not destroy our resolve or our will.
We’ll rise above the challenges you bring
as together we praise our God and sing.

Praise Him for the National Health Service
for their diligence and their faithfulness.
For all of the doctors, nurses and staff
that have laboured so hard on our behalf.

Praise God for the early diagnosis
and for the swiftness of the prognosis.
Praise Him for the concern people have shown.
That He is with us and we’re not alone.

We will trust Him for all that is to come
and rely upon Him for the outcome.
For He is Sovereign and His will’s best
our mind is at peace and our heart’s at rest.

by Royston Allen

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