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The Dream

The Dream

Poem By Adele MohammedBemberry

I walked into my
Grandma's room,
Speak to your dad,
Her face, a picture of doom.

Hello I said,
Can I speak to my dad,
I am sorry said The Voice,
You cannot, don not be mad.

My soul cried out in agony,
Who are you, tell me please?
A deafening silence,
My name is hafeez.

I knew in a heartbeat,
I was speaking to the Lord,
You see in Islam,
It means preserver, a characteristic of God.

Where is my dad?
My mind a state of confusion,
Again that pause,
He's at St. Charles Junction.

A sudden thought
Flew through my head,
That is the place,
He was pronounced dead.

Tears filled my voice,
My soul wept with doom,
When is he coming home?
My child, he said, soon.

But keep this mind,
Listen to my voice,
In a few weeks time,
You will have reason to rejoice.

One night I dreamt dad
In a blue suit and tie,
He hugged me and kissed me,
And said I love you, goodbye.

Then that special day came,
After all was said and done,
I experienced a miracle,
My son was born.

I never dreamt my dad
As often as I had,
So I knew he was with me,
Even though I still felt sad.

As I look at my son
With pride and joy,
My heart and soul rejoices
My father is a part of my boy.

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Beautifully written....One thing Hafez is spelled with either one 'e' or it can be spelled with an 'i'. I loved this poem though...as I said it is beautiful.