The Dream

Her soothing hands caressing my forehead
a torrent of feeling rushing through my mind,
as my first sight out of slumber
rests on the dainty figurine – caging a heart so kind

My first footsteps unsure as she leads me away
farther away from where I dwell,
passing through golden waves of cornfield- touched by wind
alongside meandering rivers on the swell

Her gracious charm and lithesome movements
plunging my soul into a remorseful trance,
the words unspoken from her pomegranate-lined lips
finding expression through her eyes’ dance

Ceasing the journey at a clearing in the bush
she turns around to face me in a juvenile embrace,
pulling me close enough to whisper in silence
the words of love filled with soulful grace

Pinching hard to enliven the reality
I feel a deep pain encompassing my being,
touching my heart to shake me out of sleep
only to find that the dead don’t come back – I was but dreaming!

by Sumeet Mahanti

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