We Need Friends

So tough as we find how life is,
So hurting as we find pains in us,
Some ways of living disappoint us,
Some sorts of things torture us,
These are the times life is so stressful,
And our ways down are so painful.

There are times we fail to stand alone,
So far when we find our happiness is gone,
Suffocations and pains have taken the throne,
And life tells us we're almost done,
We need someone to take our hands,
So far life is nothing without caring friends.

by Fadhy Mtanga

Comments (8)

When did this poem written
Does anyone know when this poem was written / published?
An interesting poem and the story of fear in dreams about the terrible horse. Though may be the entire episode a poetic imagination it felt so fantastic imagination in the poetry. likes.
Odd that this poem has become the Poem of the day, brought to our attention by fate... As I look through the other comments below I see my own name... Funny though. Perhaps it is my age, memory slipping, too many things on my mind maybe. Because while reading the poem I did not recognize it, except for the nagging feeling that this poet has completely enraptured my heart and soul.... If nothing more it certainly convinces me that my own love for poetry is certainly consistent... And that I love Louise Bogan...
I like the last line. It implies how a can be tamed with a touch of a hand.
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