I'M Done

My body goes so numb,
Every time i here those three words
I feel so dumb,
Beliving that you could ever feel that way,
I keep coming back, wanting to stay,
knowing that is gonna be the same,
Stupid love game.
Break the silence,
Break my heart,
Break Me into,
Just tare my whole world apart.
Let me fall, I'll make the call,
Should i stay or should i go,
I do care about you though,
but is it worth the trouble,
To know i'm just your rebound girl,
Nah i'm done, I'm threw,
I'm so pissed off, I could just hurt yew,
So dont tell me you love me anymore,
Even though my heart just dropped to the floor,
And tears are rolling down my face,
I'm done, being druged around this place,
Like a damn rag doll,
I'm done trying to win your heart,
over all the rest,
I'm done because I know i deserve the best.

by Charlie Savannah Watson

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