The Beauties Of Creation

I know not why a well-trained mind
Should aught but light and beauty find
In this mysterious home of earth.
It seems to me more bright, more fair,
More gay and radiant everywhere,
From its first budding into birth.

And when we, like the Ephemeræ,
After a season pass away,
The earth will not be wrapped in gloom;
But sweeter music, lovelier flowers,
And brighter suns, this world of ours
Will bless in happier days to come.

Yet we-the mists and cloud between-
Have heavenly rays of comfort seen,
Rays that will never die;
The darkened clouds are changing ever,
And suns and planets never, never
Fail to illuminate the sky.

They rose at first, are rising still,
Obedient to that Heavenly will
Which rules alike the great, the small:
It marked our path, it guides our way
Towards that everlasting day
Where blessèd light shall beam on all.

by John Bowring

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