Fleeced In Droves

Anyone dense and extremely shallow.
Incompetent lacking common sense.
Could not on their own merit,
Rise to heights of prominence.
Without the support,
Of being connected to tremendous finances.
Possess the gift of persuasion.
Oozing from every pretentious move made.
To convince even sheep to believe,
Wool being sheared from their mesmerized bodies.
Will be used and produce,
The making of mink coats.
And every cent from those profits to be made,
Should be trustfully understood...
Is going to be directly sent to them.
Either by yacht, helicopter or limousine.
Depending upon their preference.
And today,
Few are not in the midst.
Or rushing to become,
A part of the promising of extravagance.
With other sheep being fleeced in droves!

"What anology is this you attempt to make? "

Is just an observation to be witnessed.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
Just observing the unconsciousness of it all.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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