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The Dream That May Not Be
IS Ivan Savinon (7/22/94 / idk)

The Dream That May Not Be

The Dream came
The Dream stared
I am gone
Because I care
I have my hopes in a place faraway like Mars
I have my joy hidden in a quilt
I'm longing for the day to come
The day only ambles like turtle
Through the time
My dream stares in awe for me to come
While I run in a maze that doesn't end like outter space
I've shed some blood for the dream to come
My blood falls longing for the dream
The dream that is a planet away
May only come once
And then move away
So I stare in awe at the stars
That dance in the moonlit night
I'm trying to survive my war
Before I go
I am loosing
I am falling like snow
My home it tears me apart like a pencil
then sets me on fire
for being a fool
so i bear the news
of moving on
the dream may not come
but i am still longing for the day to come.

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