PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Dream Thief

You're history,
Says the dream thief,
Wishing the writer,
Would sicken and die,
And conveniently disappear,
Like a cloud of smoke,
The magician's hat,
Pulling out a knife,
To skin the rabbit,

Instead of a fluffy rabbit,
To warm hearts,
The dream thief with no heart,
And a mind of stone,
Magic gifts to be overthrown,
By those jealous feelings,
Nasty and vicious dealings,
To torture a dreamer's soul.

The dream thief,
Counting on the ship of fools,
The dreamer to not finish school,
But how grand those memories,
For they seem like,
A memory of heaven,

People to torture the dreamer,
History is she,
But the dream thief,
Hasn't counted on karma,
And a celebration of fools,
A dreamer to now finish,
Any adult education lesson,
In any night school,

For the dreamer is bold,
While the dream thief,
Has a heart that is cold,
Pretending to be nice;
Instead in the dark field,
Saying one, two and thrice,
Those other students,
Her lab rats; her mice,

And she would betray,
And skin those mice,
Saying they're history,
Once, two and thrice,
No matter the name,
No matter the fame,
Jealousy kills,
To taunt taking no skill,
Just a numbskull,
To torture an innocent soul,
That so wants to have gold,

But time doesn't stop,
Happiness - not money -
Really the goal,
For while the dream thief,
Plays on personal feelings,
The dreamer carries on dealings,
Everybody her friend,
Where no one says dreams should end,

For friends will be friends,
And competition should never mean pain,
And never mean a career end,
Where limited choices stay the same,
The dream thief happily taking the blame.

So dream on, dream thief,
While the dreamer becomes happy,
Now giving you grief,
Where you wish you had been nice,
And not been a cold dream thief.

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Rudyard Kipling


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Very nicely written, imagery pops out. Thank you for sharing.