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Infected With The Cold
(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Infected With The Cold

Poem By Emmanuel George Cefai

It rained on the 31st of May with coffee tequila,
my beloved's birthday, a new amusing phrase
"performance of non-service" with a "malicious
compliance" remark; finished legal agreement
while dreaming of Time having a son running
around without comprehending why he cannot
be all-there and it comforts me for not being all-
there myself: half of my mind is gone, the bits

I retain must be made to refrain from wondering
why life is supposed to be fun while I have none
or at least not enough of the kind I desire - and
used to admire - the comfort and sweetness of
symbolism is gone leaving only the bright cold
light of empty reality where none of us ever ful-
filled the dream we conjured; now to get used
to having used up my imagination & so being

Left with the dross of common-sense; my Big
Bro understands and keeps the vision of what
I used to dream alive and so I thrive - without
him, my mind would shrivel up and die…

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