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The Dream Worm
AJ ( / Detroit, MI)

The Dream Worm

It worms its way into my dreams
With it's noxious fluid that seeps into my mind's cracks
Waves of vertigo that drive me down and down again
Frozen in fear
Of what I can't see but I know that is there
Hiding amongst the convoluted layers of tissue
Or floating silently in cerebrospinal fluid
A recoccurring dream injected by an ominous entity
That pumps through my veins and grips me only when I sleep
When my defenses have drifted off to never, never land
Living its eternal, leech-like existence
Manifesting in a darkened cellar or a damp, ruined hallway
Or a dilapitated ballroom with its crystal, cobwebbed chandelier that will never shine brightly again
If it has a face I never see one
Even so it possesses my body and my mind
I scream so loudly that I wake myself
Still it clings to me as I force my eyes to open
I know it is evil incarnate
And it waits for me
In my dreams
Hoping for the day that I will lose my mind
And give up my soul
Never to wake again
Lost in its embrace
Living in its darkness
Never to see or feel the light of day
Doomed to a soulless existence inside of the dream worm

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