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The Dreamer

Reality and fantasy often intertwine,
As deceit and truth often align,
Where the mind wanders like the blind,
And the soul searches for a sign,
In this tangled vortex, unable to unbind.

I sink my thoughts to the depths of hell,
Knock on heaven’s door just to tell,
My hopes are echoing from the ringing bell,
My feelings are emerging from the ocean,
My mind’s floating in the sea of devotion,
Carried by the waves of sorrow in motion.

Till everything is caught up by the web of time,
Tangling all my dreams in a net of rhymes,
Constricting me like a poor performing mime,
Struggling to give a piece of my mind.

I am sealed in this impeccable capsule,
Bound by chains of my yesterdays,
Locked by thoughts of my tomorrows,
Overpowered by this tormenting burden,
Of my search in the dunes of reason,
Ironic is the only season,
And life itself committed treason,
Turning its back on us,
Switching sides to oppose us,
Abandoning the memories for lust,
Dashing the hope to find just….

Here I stand at the crossroads of infinity,
My efforts are in vain for mercy,
For the roads I took are endless,
My task, the dreamer, is useless,
In this dreamland of emptiness.

I grow weary of my endless dreams,
Wonderland has no limits, it seems,
My quest must come to an end,
As things has gotten out of hand.

“Every dream will only be complete,
If the dreamer comprehends that which he seeks.”

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Comments (3)

Very good poem. The vivid imagery derived through the metaphors and similes used served to heighten the feelings of confusion, of being lost (I'm not sure if this is the effect you'd have liked to achieve, but it works) . The ending is particularly good, it serves as a sort of answer and closure to the poem, and as a calming factor to the emotions invoked while reading the poem.
wow really good! well my imagination was enlightened
it is good...but idk how to say it u seem to repeat ur self even thou u do a good job explaining things, and keeping rythm...