The Dreamer's Whispers

I want to tell you the truth before
my life's ink runs out

I want to make you belief before
the light of my eyes turns off

I want to tell you a secret of this day before
my life's sun sets down

I want show you the new moon before
the darkness of the night swallows my vision

I want to bring you the spring's first rose before
the breeze steals the colours of its bloom

I want to shower you with happiness before
the grieves of life's hardships surround you

I want to wake you to a beautiful dream before
the eyes of time lift its curtains

I want to surround you with never ending victory before
the sand of world's glass runs out

I want to carry you above the skies before
the earth's eyes could catch your sight

I want to grow you in heaven's lap before
the angels could write your destiny

I want to ask you all your wishes before
the child of your heart grows old

I want to hold you tightly before
the world could do us part

I want to read your soul's meaning before
the cover of bodily meanings takes over you

I want to see you in glory and joy before
the eyes of my heart close forever

by Asma Khan

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