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The Drop-In.
CP ( / Shelfield.Staffs.England.)

The Drop-In.

Poem By Cecilia Parkin

It began as an idea - a maybe? .
A gathering of people all ages, sizes, experiences,
Going somewhere - or nowhere.
Who cares! It might just work? .

We could have things to say to each other - or not,
For some just their unspoken thoughts drifting through
The warm atmosphere, and the companionship and food
And drink would be enough - for now! .

And so the 'idea' The Drop In, became a reality born out of
Hope and optimism.And soon became known as the place
'With the friendly face.'

All the time standing apart, but not apart..tall solid reassuring
THE CROSS. A tangible reminder of why the 'idea' had
Taken root in the first place.

For as Christ once said to Peter 'Do you love me? '
If you love me Feed My Sheep'.
John 20.Verse 15.

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A great read, that is. I hope nobody drops out! Sincerely Ernestine