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The Drought Breaks

The sea challenged the wind to a game of chess.
And the colours
of the sun were drenched in a late summer haze.
The drought began to break under silver clouds that were
laden with tears.
The horses listened,
their manes softly glowing in the aqua and orange light.
The sound of their hooves danced with
anticipation of the long-awaited rain.
The trees laden with dates in the summer
heat were caught by surprise as the wind tore
the fruit away from heavy branches.
The locusts stopped singing,
and the seagulls ran to places where
dreamers paint infinity.
Your hair caught the sand while you
bellowed at the sky in your deep nordic voice;
-a challenge to the wind for your own game of chess.
From the verandas,
people calmly drank their wine and waited for the
rains to come.

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