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The Drowned City
LJS (12 March 1985 / Cape Town)

The Drowned City

She once bore fruit of exquisite taste
Lemons, apples and bananas
Were eaten by sailors who came by
Her fruits bore life

The trees that she had
Sheltered the citizens from the sun
Now it is gone!
She will be no more

Trucks came by with bricks of stone
They built on her
A city that was cold
She was pushed back into a corner of herself

Eventually she drowned
When people come to visit her on the map
They were blinded by what they saw
They don’t know what lies under the sea
Under the sea lies a city in shock!

The city is no longer there
The city can no longer be
This was Olympus
But now she is I!

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Comments (1)

First stanza I would change one 'bore'. Possibly into 'meant life'? Just a thought. A very nice poem. Thank you. H