The Drowning Pier

Bound and confused how did I get here
Tied and unable to this drowning pier
Skin stings as water enters my wounds
Set to death under the most morbid of moons

Although I lay with that maiden, she gave no thrill
Now her body unto another lays still
Taken and tried for my pagan ways
I bare witness to the ending of my days

In the court of their god I’m found guilty
Even their god would wisdom this reality
The sea as black as their hearts draws near
All emotions are frozen for the element of fear

Final moments are unfolding with foam and hiss
Thinking to days, the conception of my genesis
What deliverance could envisage this circumstance
Sea beings inquisitively come, beneath me they dance

The silence of the night answers my cries
When all around my living world dies
A king I dreamt honoured and crowned
A withered carcass I shall remain bound

Lapping at my face the water teases me
Longing of my body wanting to be free
Burning of my throat as salt enters my mouth
Gagging my screams and silencing my sooth

A murderer is free while I count my minutes low
I curse his name in mind I wish a fatal bestow
My eyes snap shut as the blackness surrounds
Minutes now seconds as my life seeps abounds

Her face in my vision the maiden I loved
Her calling I hear my crying she coved
Warming of her body she carries me on
For my air it is gone, my air it is gone

by Vision Ghost

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