The Drug-Life

The scarlet snare of crimson blow;
The tangible symbol of all things repressed and patterned;
The cool sack of confusing liquid at your belt,
Never leaving your side.
Among all else, an invitation-
To drown in luxury and despair;
A desperate requirement-
A craving of that which makes us fools.

Asleep; unsure of the worlds around you.
Patronizing, antagonizing, are the humanoids-
Whom swarm around the unspeakable truth:
That which impresses fear in the hearts-
Of the ignorant.

One glare of eye, or accent of silence,
Showing none other than a nightmare.

Accursed lack of perception-
Sheltering, shielding from the blinding Sky.
With repetition as your sword,
you smite the light.

Comfortable in nonsense-
As reason is as salt in your impure,
Self-inflicted wound.
And just as salt purifies,
So your number on wisdom is filled with coal.

by Rowan Welch

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An insightful piece of drug addiction written with clarity of thought and mind. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing Rowan and do remain enriched.