I Wish

One wish for me would be the greatest thing,
My wish is to always have you beside me,
One wish is all I need,
Because I already know what to wish for..
I wish to have you beside me, both day and night,
You're the person who I want to hold and kiss,
Every day and Every night,
For the rest of my life..
I hope that this wish comes true,
Because, I'm lost without you,
Everywhere I go I'm always thinking of you...
I wish, I hope, and I pray,
That you're love will come to me some day...
I'm just wishing the same thing everyday,
I wish, I wish, I wish, that's all I can do...
I hope my wish comes true,
And that wish is to have you...

by daniel baltazar

Comments (4)

Lowell is a master of rhythm in a poem that is very sad and so moving. It is the sheer artistry of the word music that enchants. Tom Billsborough
In my opinion, this poem is about the bitterness and misery that comes with aging. The speaker reminisces about their youth (the glory of past pools) while resenting the world he lives in now. The Stygian term alludes to the river of Styx, aka Hades, so the speaker is expecting to die soon. But, I think there's still hope for the speaker as he tries to catch Christ with a greased worm, which probably means he's seeking salvation. Jesus is known as the 'fisherman of men' so the last line referencing the Man-Fisher is somewhat ironic because the drunken fisherman isn't the real one fishing. In essence, the speaker is the true 'fish' waiting to be caught by God before he passes away.
Nice and a bit funny lol
What is this poem ABOUT?