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The Drunken Guy

I'm calling
I'm calling you for help
because I'm falling
falling and I need your help
so won't you come over please
and save me
because my whiskey bottle
is almost empty
down to one more sip
than up to my lip
and it is finished
so I'm calling
calling for help
because I'm falling,
falling and I need your help
so won't you please come over
and save me please
by taking my car keys
so I don't kill anyone
or my self
and thank you for coming
I know we been through this before
and I promise
I wouldn't drink any more
I know I lie
and if I kept drinking
I would die
but now you have my keys
so will you go to the store for me
now your mad
and you leave
so I'll go myself
and walk to the store
picking up my own whiskey
than I'll stop drinking once more
or to I pass out
which ever comes first
now I'm calling,
now I'm calling again
because I'm falling
falling again
and I need your help
so will you come
and save me please
but you hang up on me
so I see
you gave up on me
so I guess the drunk I'll be
because nobody gives
a damn about me

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