The Drunkest Ive Ever Been While Writing

As i sit here felling like i am going insane.
an eagle, a hotel, and a sign holds me back
from running nakedthrough a forrest mindless and willing
for the nearest beast to take control and eat me from the inside out

i fell like a carnival ride left out in a rain storm

take me to the last known point of this god forsaken earth
and sacrifice me to the god of freedom
and eat my flesh and bones and give me up to the god of failure

let him know that the only care i won is for everyone and that is what kills me
and i dont have one inch of wonder about what to do
all i know is to be the man who i have made myself to be
and if i could wish a life on anyone hopfully it would be mine

now tomorrow comes and i hope i can put this in plain english
but even if i dont it wont matter
because i am the one who lost it
and all of you are the ones who are wondering what happened to me! ! !

the rest is unreadable.

by justin byerline

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