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Needs No Words For

Needs no words
Friday.20th July 2018

Let me pray the Lord
I need no words
he will inspire 
and the poetry shall be on the fire

Poetry is such a spirit
that it shall greet
the friends and foe alike
the friendship and affection may always strike

it has the sense of bonding 
and adding
the fragrance in relation 
you have so much of an excitation

the human relations is extraordinary
you feel for others plight and agony 
you feel the pulse of his suffering 
and that is translated into words to bring

Let the poetry play 
and spread its sway
over entire mankind 
and suitably find the respectable place

Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta


by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (3)

Powerfully put, a moment of reflection and insight so rare and yet so beautiful, well done Ivy, this is just great, Love Duncan
An interesting thoughtful poem that highlights how all living things are connected and interdependent, and how we ignore that at our peril. Very good.
Ivy, I loved this. Deep, meaningful and profound. You know i'm a fan of ur work. This isn't an exception; Good as always =) Oh btw, didn't notice the title, thought it was about a boy for a minute there!