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The Dude Ranch Cowboy
KTS ( / Wildomak, California, USA)

The Dude Ranch Cowboy

Poem By Kenneth T. Schofield

I used to be a cowboy, but quite a while ago
I quit my job and now boy, I'm makin' twice the dough
I'm a dude ranch cowboy
Every saturday is rodeo, we ride and rope and shoot
I guess we put on quite a show, the way the people hoot
The bulls and broncos that we top, are trained to give a show
Why I don't get an honest job, I guess I'll never know.
I've learned to build a smoke, one handed from the sack
Just like the movie cowpoke, from a buckin' broncos back
I'm a dude ranch cowboy
Young gals come to dude ranches, to learn to ride and rope
But their parents take no chances, they send a chaperone
I've learned to use that cowboy twang, you hear at the picture show
But what I'm saying' I'll be hanged, if half the time I know.
I used to sing to the rhythm of the hoof beats of my horse
Now I play a big guitar and yodel too of course
I'm a dude ranch cowboy
Herdin' dudes instead of doggies, playing' wet nurse to old foggies
And all dressed up like a cowboy movie star
We have to call them guests, but they're dudes here in the west
Where a mans a man and the gals are glad they are.

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wow that was great.