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The Duel

Within my arena
we face one another.
He but a mere mortal
no match for my might.

How dare he
offer up challenge?
I am the totality
of chaos and destruction.

I consume
all that mount resistance.
My intensity
is beyond comprehension.

I create pain and devastation.
My roar of glee
mutes all sound but wails
of heartbreak and frustration.

I am FIRE!
Bold knight of Lucifer.

Tinder dry lands
only whet my gluttonous appetite.
To satisfy my hunger
naught but total consumption.

This insignificant man
stands in my path.
Determined to defeat me?

The pure gall of him
and his paltry comrads.
Their inadequate antics
are insult to my ego.

Their meager attempts
to deprive me
from what I claim
shall suffer my wrath.

They attack with lances of water
to drown me.
I cannot drive them back!

My sword of fire
has been dulled n' broken.
In my face
they toss dirt.

My sight is dimming.
Still I see his silhouette.
I feel death approaching.
This mortal has triumphed.

I am no more.


by Kurt(Sam) Hearth

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