The Dung Beetle And The Black Mamba (A Tale Of Darfur)

Deadly Black Mamba coiled in the sand.
Her tongue flickered, as her eyes swept the land.
Ah, Dung Beetle, your wings glitter like jewels.
Come closer, she said, as her mouth drooled.

No, no, Black Mamba, for you would eat me!
TWAH! spat the snake, you smell so bad, you see.
Look, people argue about Al-Bashir.
Some say, If, he is jailed, no peace will be assured.

Others cry, what peace? There is none in Darfur!
They return, justice must wait 'tll peace occurs.
Then, I heard an American shout, 'BS - BULL! '
And he said something like, 'of it you are full! '

Full of what asked the Dung Beetle, as she paused.
I think it means lies, the snake hissed through his jaws.
She said, I must join in this meeting.
My husband waits and time is fleeting.

Black Mamba's eyes opened wide in surprise.
Why do you want to go listen to lies?
My husband has the nursery ready.
She pushed the ball of dung, keeping it steady.

I think I understand what this BS means.
With my dung ball, I'll roll the place clean.
Then, I'll take it to the nursery.
My husband will be so proud of me!

by Mary Naylor

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A very compelling and powerful write. May your message be heard. Take care. Always your friend, Sandra