The Dust Of Ages

A moonless night creates a haze
where lonely timeless spirits dwell.
They wander through their yesterdays
that hold them in eternal hell.

The dreary streets from long ago
are paved with endless memories,
and passage of the years is slow
for no one hears their desperate pleas.

The dust of ages cannot hide
or cover scars from life before,
and rivers flow with tears they've cried
as winds of isolation roar.

Chaotic patterns of despair
create a tidal wave of fear
approaching with a frightening air;
a thunderous sound for all to hear.

A rain of bitter legacy
is pelting through the darkest hours;
their pain is hailed for all to see
but with the dawn their tempest cowers.

As brilliant rays invade the night
their rain becomes a crystal dew.
Within the shadows, void from sight,
they mingle midst the ebon hue.

Awaiting day to end its reign
they rest in coffins of reprieve
where ancient hearts of dreamers feign
a distant time where sorrows leave.

Unable to achieve this peace
they rise again when dusk descends.
Their storms of agony release
upon the world where death transcends.

by Jo Lynn Ehnes

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