SH (2/21/97 / Scottsburg, IN)

The Duty Of A Warrior

My name, is Shelbie Hale.
Noble knight by blood.
Modern samurai by choice.
Every day I try my best to live by both codes.
The knight's Code of Chivalry.
The samurai's Code of Bushido.
They are very similar, and yet very different.
Therefore, I must become the best of both.
What would you call that?
A knight samurai?
A samurai knight?
Or, perhaps, a Warrior?
No matter what I am, I know my life's purpose.
I must fight for what is right.
I must help those in need.
I must do all I can to help make this world better.
Even if the path I walk is a lonely one.
Even if no one ever understands.
I must always, always, move forward.
For that, is the duty of a Warrior.

by Shelbie Hale

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