Transitional Friend


'I did not come to catch or cause
tears, ' he said
'I'm here to rescue them.'

'I'm hoping not to take advantage
of you here
of you as kind friend
but my heart-beat is fading
and truthfully
I need
a man's voice
and the gentle reassurance
that I still retain
a bit of my womanhood-
that it did not leave
with his departure-
and broken as I now feel
speaking truthfully
I can only see
you as transitional friend
who's loved me deeply
over these many years
but I cannot offer you the love
you seek.'

'I sense that' he said
'but hope that in time
you'll grow to love me;
that in time
I'll replace him
in your grieving heart;
that a new love
will grow between us
more intense
than yours with him.
That is the hope, ' he said
many of us
transitional friends.'

It is often said that two individuals
must be friends first
before love comes;
but it is also true
that transitional friends
seldom become Lover New
a too hastily liason
based upon vulnerable circumstance,
lonliness and need
most times only prolongs agony
in the end
does not satisfy;
and loss grows
likely to include
both Former Lover
a new
Former Friend.

Better to sail the Seas of Alone
than allow a good friend to take
that ride with you
only to see him or her to drown
for love of you.

by Lonnie Hicks

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Comments (4)

This poem has helped me through this most difficult time of watching a friend dying of cancer. Thank you Poem Hunter for bringing it to my attention.
This poem describes death so glouriously.
I agree. This poem describes death so glouriously.
This is beautiful.It means the world to me.Its rivetting and timeless and even now its part of all i live through.It is a gift to literature