Poem Hunter
The Early Days
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

The Early Days

Life was difficult in the early days
When our country wasn't too old
Jobs came in many ways like on
Street corners where papers were sold

Papa out in the fields all day
Plowing and planting the crops
Mama canned everything she could
Such as fruit or whatever she got

The old cook stove stood in the corner
It seemed to be used most of the day
There was baking bread on a daily basis
Back then, well, that was the way

Entire families worked in the fields
The children too worked the soil
But it was good for kids to labor
They sure weren't likely to be spoiled

Everything was done the hard way
They ground hamburger by themselves
Building a winter array of foods
As they stocked the pantry shelves

I think it's fun to look back
And imagine the intriguing ways
That folks put a meal on the table
Way back in those early days!

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