Too Young To Be A Peeper

Lookin at beautiful ass attached to red head who looks to be 16.
17 tops.
Why is it, the most miraculous asses, tits, and pussies
Belong to people, just people,
Who if you so much as kiss or even
Innocently touch the top of the breast of
Can land you in PRISON
For at least 5 years?

I know about these things
At least I know about the asses and the tits and the pussies and the
16 year olds.
Not the prisons though, ya know?
See ya!

by matt fromm

Comments (23)

I have heard this sung as an encore in a concert. The setting was simple but effective. I do not know who the composer was (and neither does Google, it seems) . Any ideas?
(The Early Morning by Hilaire Belloc.) **Light verse. An entertaining read.
I love those mornings when the sun has just arisen but yet the moon is still able to be vaguely seen off to the side. This is such a great little poem on the wonderful ways of the universe.
One on the left, One on the right, Lips in between, Suck all night.
it must be family of four
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