The Earth

The earth circles in a silent motion
Stilled with gravity on a balanced scale
To give us a stable, firm foundation.
but when it quakes into trembling sounds,
What Does That Mean? The water flows in an extreme portion
Filled with hydrogen on a waving trail
To give us progress in life longivity.
But when it floods on to solid grounds,
What Does That Mean? The wind blows in a breezy notion
Sealed with oxygen in a timeless gale
To give us needed breathe of fresh air.
But when it whirls into fierce rounds,
What Does That Mean? The fire ignites in a safety caution
Grilled with tempergen on a lower rail
To give us comfort in evironment aspects.
But when it flemaes out of circuit bounds,
What Does That Mean? The earth in quantity, gives us quality
Tilled with nitrogen in a hefty bail
To make us vital in each daily quest.
But when it shrinks into smaller pounds,
What Does That Mean?

by Jean Lomax-Jackson

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