'' The Earth's Future Looks Bright ''

Without being aware,
We are under review,
For their planet they care,
That much is true.

As for the human?
They've devised a plan.
For both man and woman,
They've did all they can.

The planet's fragility,
Is under great strain,
Due to our inability,
To lessen the strain.

They remained reserved,
Believing we'd change,
We cannot be preserved,
It's all life you derange.

More intelligent? They ask,
Should bring more peace,
But they take us to task,
As each other we fleece.

The human's not willing,
You don't have the desire,
To desist from killing,
Your evolution is dire.

Money is your king,
The god of all gods,
It's misery you bring,
In reality, you're frauds.

Soon in the distance,
Their craft draws near,
Do we put up resistance?
Make them disappear.

The answer is no,
As they make us cower,
They soon let us know,
They hold the power.

With our authority diminished,
We still think we're right,
The fact is we're finished,

‘' The Earth's Future Looks Bright ‘'

by Bri Mar

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