The Easiest Way Out?

You must strive for perfection though it's out of reach.
You must strive for perfection in each kid you teach.
If you're always looking forward to the best you can do.
No one can pop your bubble or ask" are you through"?
You must strive for perfection even if there's no way.
If you strive for perfection you can be proud of each day.
The easiest way out is the hardest to live with.
The easiest way out is no way to go.
The easiest way out may look real easy.
But you find much more troubles down the easy road.
You must live life to the fullest each and every day.
And don't forget the man above and give him proper praise.
We are all only here for such a short while.
Remember a mood can be changed with just a smile.
The hardest thing to live with is the easiest way out.
if you always give life your best,
you'll never have any doubt.

by Darin L. Eilerman

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