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The Edge
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The Edge

Poem By Jaymie Lanera

Left in the dark and approaching the edge,
Disoriented in a forest of hunger,
Anticipating that you don't love me any longer.
I'm trembling. Trembling over an intangible ledge.

Staring down into a cave of thirst
where the waterfall crushes our future to a blur.
Your silence is pushing the truth down deeper,
but just say you love me and we'll dive together headfirst.

Only minutes away from losing my residual grasp.
My toes grip the lip of protection.
Cramps of fear haunt me from my past,
weakening my ankles of security.

I'm falling off the edge!
When will you find the courage
to set free the truth in your heart
that aches and howls when we're apart.

We're slowly slipping, only one way down from here.
Looking down, do you see with eyes of forgiveness,
or do you fall to a damnation caused by fear,
letting go of the edge; the chance for true happiness?

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Comments (1)

Very touching poem Jaymie; loving can also be shown by letting go of the edge! By doing so both can move on tho their respective lives, rather than holding on when true happiness is ebbing both ways! Thanks for sharing. A rate of 9 for it.