The Edges Of Your Smile

so the knife slips,
n my skin under it,
n i am naked,
as fresh a a spring chicken,
while the skin sheds itself,
picked apart,
n fried all the same,
n we walk these miles
skin slipped n expressionless,
art held up to desires own,
n i am burning just like you friend n the
wastelands of nothingness,
caught between a wish n a kiss,

waiting forever for the rainbows end,
which stretches into tomorrows

n stillborn i think of you n lose myself in the blue,

the dawns n dusk's taking over there tasks

feeling lost n still i wander,
my own wonderland unfurling underneath the hands that cant give in,
wont give up,
except the sky is so blue,
stretching endless into your arms, my arms,
this unwritten pledge that,
unfurls itself gives into the masses,

n i wrote you n pages of blood so
time couldn't fade the edges of your smile........................

by BladesongRaven Gehrig

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