The El Nino Children

I can't remember a year quite like this
Where opposite shores suffer EL Nino's kiss.
Florida suffers while El Nino East cuts her path,
While California catches El Nino West's furious wrath. She takes a bite of lovely shore,
And crunches pavement where roads once were.
Homes that beautifully were kept,
Went down in gloom when El Nino swept. Even the swamps and everglades caught her wrath
When El Nino East set out to cut her path.
While out west the coasts are snatched away,
And pavements are ripped from their highways. The waves that these two send to shore
Have caused destruction and much, much more.
Neither in the East nor West is it safe to stay
While the El Nino children are out to play. Weather born and nature spawned,
Raised by violence, tribulation and brawn,
They complete along our shore lines and boast
That with destruction each has done the most. They rage and slam and bury and claw,
Their anger on our shores unbridled and raw.
To us they give undying memories of fate,
These El Nino children of nineteen ninety eight.

by Janice N. Chapman

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