The Elements

The great creator God's earth is known to strain along
Fault or weak lines causing tremors where the earth's
Crust ends the steepest especially in mountain areas where
Seas are deepest.
Quite miraculously due to the disintegration of volcanic
Substances soil fertility ensues for planters indeed
Due to fiery eruptions which these magnetic fields impede
Whilst the wonders of snow is most exciting to behold
As 'tis but a category of crystals according to their
Symmetry whilst hailstones only consist of frozen rain
Altold curiously enough each exquisitely shaped snowflake
Shown consists only of ice and air united whilst each
Flake is so fascinating to watch in their unexpectantly passing
Beauty whilst being sighted. Yet no two identical
Flakes can anyone find whilst one of nature's oddities
Are waterspouts underlined this peculiar phenomena is
Now known to quickly change into a tornado when it
Disbands as water for dry land as these two types
Can so form simultaneously in all weather alike day or night.

by Elizabeth Harris

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