The Elements

You’re captivating me with all that you do

Just like a sun rise you brighten my day
Like the rain you cool me down
Like an oceans tide you pull me in every way
Like the wind you take me all around

Like the dirt beneath my feet you help me stand
Like then trees you help me breath air
Like a storm you rocked my world on this land
Like lightening you caught me by surprise over there

Like thunder you’re the only thing I hear
Like the moon you shine even when it’s dark out
Like the sun you dry up every single tear
Like the grass you cushion every blow with out a doubt

Like a tornado you showed up unexpectantly
Like a hurricane you are taking me for a ride
Like a tsunami you are overtaking me
Like a snow storm you cool me inside

Like a fire you warm and make me not so cold
Like a flood you’re overflowing my mind
Like a mountain you’re my strong hold
Like an oasis you are a great find

You’re this and so much more
You’re this and everything in between
You’re exactly what I asked for
You’re the best I’ve ever seen

by Chel sea

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