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The Elephant
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The Elephant

Poem By danish hussain

If i could be reincarnated
(and who knows, I might have been already?)
Then I'd like to return as a Elephant
reliable and steady

Big as a room filled with sunshine,
A giant, gentke and strong,
Lord of the manor
I'd roam the Savannah
Trumpeting all day long.

At sunset it's down to the river
To meet my old pals for a chat
After a few bouts of trunk-wrestling

We'd squirt water, do daft things like that.

Then tired and happy we'd lumber home
Humming an Elephant tune
Thinking our thanks to our maker
By the light of an Elephant moon.

If I could be reincarnated
An Elephant I would choose,
Failing that, Napoleon,
Kim Bassinger or Ted Hughes.

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