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The Elephant
AA (9.26.72 -? / new york city)

The Elephant

waiting in the doctor's office
perusing the literature
left tactfully on the
waiting room table
there was a
national geographic
left with the choices
of that
or golf digest
i flipped through it
until i saw
a picture

it was a picture
of an elephant
shuffling his big grey ass
through some suburb
in an african city
wandering in from the grasslands
just to see
what all the fuss was about

the people
ran around alarmed
hanging from their windows
pointing from the sidewalks
traffic brought
to a standstill
while this regal
and cocksure specimin
of loxodonta africana
strode down the street
peering through gentle eyes
commanding respect
and earning awe
for his leisurely stroll
before turning around
and heading back
to a better place

we should all
aim so high

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