(h) Nameless!

I do-not know your name, I have no way to reach you,
you did not call, and I wore numb waiting for a lyric...
And so now here
I sit...

lost in YOUR silence.
Save for my beating heart!
There is so much that i should do,
but find i only want to do anything that is you!
I wind my watch when it needs no winding,
and would give to you all of time, that which stands between you and me, if it would mean i could ward off yet another lonely hour without you in it.
I see the baying moon and dream of gift wrapping it for you, that it does stand in your light.
I look upon the stars and would give you all the dancing beams, that move only in your shadow.
I sigh to heavens and see the clear blue sky,
that only tries to steal your thunder....
I throw a pebble out to sea and would offer you the ripples,
that washes you away
I would lay the earth beneath your feet....
but I could never find any part of any world that is good enough for you..nor any ocean quite wide enough to hold your dreams...
athough i will keep on looking just the same,
as i keep a lookout still for you.

by crybaby clark

Comments (3)

If by our hand this mighty Wild Should vanish from the earth, What could we tell the Future's child And what would be our worth? ...Great thoughts.
A voice for the voiceless and help for the helpless is when poetry is most valuable. Well done my friend!
Beautiful poem, Terry. Let us hope the elephants make it. Peace.