The Eloping Bride

The night strews on and the crickets weep
And the wine puts wild men to sleep
Pale in shadows the bride but waits
To slip away from the world she hates

At the stroke of the divine midnight
Stealthily with her intimate sprite
Landing soft upon the crumpled leaves
There she runs like those rugged thieves

From far away she looks behind
Waving a teary goodbye in her mind
Her hands clasped tight with her love
They breeze through the thickened grove

Smiling how at the rancorous call
Love triumphs above us all
The blooming moon upon the sinewy tides
Whisper the news of such eloping brides

In the half eyed wakefulness in time
Neath the stars dancing at the joyous crime
Distancing her away from where none can see
What God is her love that sets her free.

by Stranger ...

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Waving a teary goodbye in her mind. Nice work.