The Embrace

Your unruly blonde hair
Caresses your face
You seem so lonely
So unsure of yourself
Is the embrace of your hair
The only kind of embrace
You have ever known?

Your eyes tell me more
Than your lips ever could
They look into forever
You’ve seen too much
You pretend to play
To have fun
To be a part of the world

But I can see that all the while
You are crying inside
Longing for peace
But knowing yet of only one option –
To keep going

by Elizabeth Russell

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Who on Earth gave this a 1? ? ? This scorring system is absolutely bloody rediculous! That's why I refuse to score peoples work because as far as I'm concerned the system is a piece of poo. Anyway, now I have that off my chest, I'll get back to this moving piece of art. Elizabeth, again this is beautifully written. Very, very sad and deeply touching. Keep witing. You are a fantastic poet. Love Gyp's PS I made an exception to my rule in this case and gave you a ten.