HB ( / hell)

The Emo Hockey Game

we get pass back
they are going to attack
i hit it hard
i look like a tard

i don't tell my team
that its all not what they seem
how i hurt myself
and throw things from my shelf

samantha passes to me
i really need to wee
i pass back
i look like a sack

suddenly i see their faces drop
i let in a goal i sop
even though i was at the other end of the pitch
i must kill myself now in a ditch

they start to push me
they whacked my knee
i dont understand
why astro needs sand

we get a corner
' you take it' says lorna
i go into the D
but i still need to pee

but they stoped my hit
i hadn't done my bit
now they are kicking me
it's not all cookies and tea

i run off the pitch
they shout ' little witch'
i try to run
but my legs weigh a tonne

stop it i cry
can't you see i'm going to die
why do you all pick on me
im hurting, don't you see...

by harold babe

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