The Emptiness Of My Glass

The emptiness of my glass
Is the reflection of the inside out
Gulping hollowness in discrete proportions
Need not worry about scarcity its all mine
A tune echoing to the core
Calling the senses aloud
As they sleep in deafening peace
I fill my glass with another serving
And say hello to the mirror
He greets with a frown and points at the years gone by.

Those shadows at the doorsteps
Have left an indelible mark on the walls
Clocks trying to disentangle the dawns and dusks
I walk with the glass in my hand
Gazing everything known with an unknown glance
Eyes wide open like woken after the slumber
Familiarity breeds doubt
To the extent straight appears distorted and emotions are dry
Sighing at anxieties with a runny heart beat
Another restless motion surprises me
Another restless breath escapes me.

Dreaming a distant dream
Disconnecting the chords with an ease
Laughing at the delirium
Triggered by the urge to raze every edifice
All the walls, all the rooms let them bath in fire
Let the embers light up the night sky and decide
A beautiful site with the glass of emptiness by my side
Drinking to the hope that these eyes would open one day
Floating in the thought that the spring would stay
Fireflies will live forever come what may
Where nothing is same like yesterday

-emptiness does fill the best of us..



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