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The Enchanted Dreamer
NJW ( / Tamarack, Minnesota)

The Enchanted Dreamer

Poem By Norma Jean Walli

I am an enchanted dreamer
who's life is touched by the Holy Redeemer.
My heart can take flights of fancy anywhere,
to charming places everywhere.
I stand by the entrance, ready to embark on a journey,
with myriads of Angels to guide the free spirit within me.
Floating, drifting upward in flight,
toward unknown reveilles of the night.
Like all dreamers possessed of supernatural powers,
I struggle onward, till suddenly I reach the shady bowers.
And there in the moonlight, is wondrous woodridge,
nestled within the woods beyond the bridge.
Through the gate, and up the walkway.
gentle breezes through willow branches easily sway.
Bowing gracefully, as dancers of the Wind-song,
scent-borne lilacs in the air, sweetly wafted along.
Suddenly, I am within my homey looking down upon.
lush green meadows, glistening in the early dawn.
Silver reflections on the lake below, capture the heart of a voyager;
as there along the shore beckoning me on, is the Moondrifter.
It's the vibrant gypsy nature of my soul taking me to distant lands,
coming back again. I hear echoes of children's laughter and clapping hands.
Gentle Gaye, and tender Allan, are there waiting for me.
I am the enchanted dreamer, who is what is she wants to be!

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