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The Enchantment Of My Dreamland
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The Enchantment Of My Dreamland

Poem By william mae

As this day draws to an ending,
With things put to rest at last.
Darkness follows, the suns reposing,
My mind views memories from my past.
Slumber overcomes my conscience,
Sleep pulls me deep into its arms.
I find the place of rich enchantment,
Where beauty is one of its charms.
Here reality cannot touch you,
What's real is what's believed to be.
You may be rich or just a pauper,
It's different every night you see.
From Kings and Knights, or gallant Princes,
To hero’s with a war to fight.
In this dreamland of enchantment,
You can be them for just one night.
That's why I love this realm of living,
This place where but a while your free.
To explore your hidden secrets,
What ever those turn out to be.
You may explore both love and passion,
With maidens given to desire.
And no one ever knows your secrets,
You leave them when your sleep expires.
You may hunt or be the hunted,
You may do things no human can,
In this sphere for fleeting moments,
You can be more than mortal man.
You could have wings, to sore through heaven,
You may find yourself in hell,
One thing for sure, when awakened,
Reality breaks what ere your spell.
You could live twisted tales of danger,
Be spies abroad on foreign soil,
Or find yourself inside a prison,
Busting rocks for daily toil.
When shaken from your bed of slumber,
Reality slaps you in the face,
Its here you realize your dreamland,
Has vanished now without a trace.

Sometimes reality can be the nightmare,
If tomorrows the same as yesterday.
Each night your dreams can all be different,
Their not repeated at is your day.

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