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The Encounter
(25th March 1943 / )

The Encounter

Well, how nice to see you,
My, what a surprise,
Gosh, it's definitely ages,
How the time flies,
How are you fairing?
Oh, I'm certainly glad,
Me, well as things go,
There's been some good, some bad,
What brings you back here then,
Is it for a long stay,
Where have you come from,
Goodness, that's quite a way,
You must love the sunshine,
You've a lovely deep tan,
Yes, my other half's okay,
How's yours, was it Dan,
It; s Pete, you've remarried,
Taken on a new name,
Well it seems all the rage,
Got friends, doing the same,
Still one needs to have someone,
Life's really too short,
Do you still play your tennis,
You always liked sport,
Me, no I keep fit
Just walking the dog,
I'm not into exercise,
I don't even jog,
Do I remember the dancing?
Heck, the slow, quick, quick, slow,
Here we are in our sixties,
Memories are beginning to flow,
Well, I must say goodbye now,
Have fun with your folk,
Hopefully next time you're over,
You'll still have the same bloke.
My little joke! .
What was his name? .

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Comments (3)

Remembering or forgetting the name has significance here I think, for it speaks to the nature of the past relationship! Excellent.
Ah yes the many faces and places of the past and how they can just pop in from time to time , a great write and oh so true,
I really enjoy the 'conversational' type of writing style you use in some of your poems. I feel as if I'm listening in on your conversation.....and I like it! Mary