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The End

The End
March 27,2009
Keri The Poet
Age 11

Down my eyes,
down my cheek,
drops of fear,
down my face.
The world is ending,
and I shall know,
because I am crying,
and not at my foe.
I think I am right,
for not I am wrong,
I know the world is ending,
but not I know when is the last ding-dong.
I do not know when,
I do not know how,
all that I know,
is that there'll be an end.
But for now,
I know it's not coming,
and in the future I'll be right
but for now, I am treasuring every night.
I hope it does not come,
for I wish, wish, wish to be wrong,
for I love living, and my life,
and never want the last ding-dong.

Keri The Poet
Age 11

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