Poem By John Powers

An End;
A Fear.
The End;
The Fear.


We wait dutifully for the End.
Waiting impatiently,

Spending all of our precious time
Thinking of how,
We will End.

A man died of walking down the street.
A woman died because she drank greedily.
A child died of looking through a window.
A baby died because it slept soundly.

Everything harms.
Everything is unjust.
Everything harms.
The End is everywhere.
In everything.

None shall live without the Fear.
None shall live without-
The End.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
(10: 37PM 12.6.13)

Comments about Zenith

Great to hear your thoughts on the end and wonderful to express these thoughts. There is no better feeling than inspiration. Thank you
fear is here always, great write. you are welcome to this site, thanks. I would like to request you to please read my poems and comment.

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